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Downtown Nite

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Downtown Nite

  • Description
  • Construction

  • Product Name

    Downtown Nite

  • Collection

    City View

  • Color

    Downtown Nite

  • Style Name

    Downtown Nite

  • Style Number


  • Style Type

    Field Tile

*Price is for basic installation of in stock material. Additional charges may apply.
  • Thickness

    3/8 IN"

  • Application

    Floor, Wall, Counter Top, Backsplashes, Pool Linings, Pool Decking, Exterior

  • Item ID


  • Available Trim

    "CY04S36C9T1P, CY04S43C91P, CY04SC36C9T1P"

  • Available Finish Textures

  • Grout

    1/8 IN (3/16 IN when rectangular sizes are used in a staggered brick-joint pattern where the overlap does not exceed 33%

  • Shade Variation

    High (V3)

  • Notes

    Suitable for exterior walls in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed. Special care should be taken when grouting with dark pigmented colors. A grout release is recommended to prevent finely powdered pigments from lodging in the pores of the tile surface. Use of a modified latex thin-set is recommended for installation. Application requirements may vary for decorative accentss. Not for use on ramps.

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