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What to Expect After New Carpet Installation

What to Expect After New Carpet Installation

Carpet Characteristics & What to Expect Post-Installation


Your new carpeting will contain loose fibers imbedded in the body of the carpet. These fibers are not part of your actual carpet, but fiber tips sheared in the manufacturing process to achieve uniform pile height. Shedding will minimize over time with regular vacuuming.


An occasional “sprout” may be lifted above the surface of the pile caused by vacuuming, high heels or pets. Do not pull the tuft out, snip it with scissors to match the existing pile height.


Carpet rolls come in widths of 12 or 15 feet – so you can expect seams. The visibility of the seams depends on the texture and color of your carpeting as well as the lighting and furniture placement.

Filtration Soiling

After a period of weeks, months or years you may notice dark grayish lines around baseboards, under doors and along the edges of stairs. This is caused by dust, smog and other airborne pollutants that accumulate where concentrated airflow is directed over or through the carpet’s pile. This is a result of the environment and is not a defect in your carpet. While prevention is difficult this soiling can be minimized with regular vacuuming and by changing air filters regularly.

Buckling & Wrinkling

Various post – installation modifications can cause buckling or wrinkling in your carpeting such as:

  • Pulling up carpeting for wiring or floor squeaks.
  • Sliding or dragging heavy objects across the carpet.
  • Increase in temperature, humidity or improper wetting during cleaning.

If you notice buckling or wrinkling in your carpet please contact a professional to correct.

Professional Cleaning

Be sure to have your new carpeting professionally cleaned every 12-15 months – this will not only extend the wear of your carpet, but is a must to uphold the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Also, please be aware that use of a home carpet cleaner will VOID all manufacturer’s warranties.

Maintenance & Warranties

Please see your manufacturer’s warranty for more information and maintenance guidelines.

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