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Customer Flooring Installation Preparation Guide

Customer Flooring Installation Preparation Guide


Scheduling Installation

If your selected flooring is in stock, your installation can be scheduled immediately. If your flooring is not in stock, your sales representative will contact you when your order is in and then schedule your installation. Separate installation dates will be necessary if you have ordered several flooring types. For hard surfaces – if your flooring has arrived, but your trim has not – you will be given the option of waiting for the trim or scheduling two separate installation appointments – one for the flooring and a second for the trim. Please contact your sales representative if you have any scheduling changes, issues or questions.

Installation Access

For proper installation, access to all areas being covered is needed. Please make sure all other contractors (drywall, paint, plumbing, etc.) are finished and gone prior to the installation date.

Room Temperature

Please have the temperature for all installation areas set to at least 70 degrees or warmer (the warmer the better for acclimation purposes) for 24 hours prior to and 24 hours after installation.

*Flooring cannot be installed in areas not at this temperature.


If your sales contract states a specific charge for furniture moving, Rite Rug will move some items such as couches, chairs, tables, etc. The customer is responsible for disassembling beds, entertainment centers and any partial board furniture. Be sure to strip all linens from beds prior to installation.

All breakable items, knickknacks, clothing, electronic equipment, TVs or other valuable items must be removed by the customer prior to installation.

If you are moving all furniture yourself, the entire installation area must be emptied of all furniture. The customer should also remove all wall hangings from the area and empty closets if they are to be resurfaced.

Rite Rug cannot move or be responsible for moving large items of furniture (e.g., piano’s, waterbeds, pool table, and grandfather clocks).

Appliance Removal

Appliances with direct water, gas or electric hookups must be disconnected by the customer prior to the installation.

*Please speak to your sales representative directly if you would like assistance with this. A plumber can be arranged for you to help with removal of some appliances for an extra charge, paid directly to the plumber.

Installation Day

Day of Installation

Please be available the entire day of your scheduled installation as the arrival time of the installers varies based on the type of material being installed, the location of the job, the size of the job and any special circumstances regarding the installation.


Unless your sales contract states otherwise, all stairs are installed wall-to-wall and in “waterfall” style. Please discuss any special requests and charges for custom steps with your sales representative prior to scheduling your installation.

*Bound runners require a second scheduled installation day.

Rip Up and/or Haul-Away

If your sales contract states a specific charge for “rip-up” and/or “haul-away”, we will remove your old flooring for you. If you are handling “rip-up” and/or “haul-away” yourself, please have the installation area completely stripped of the previous floor covering (including pad and staples) prior to your installation time.

*For carpet replacement, old tack strips should be left attached to the floor, but the floor itself, must be swept and free of any debris.

Additional Work or Delays

Like all construction projects, during the course of installation, previously unforeseen problems may arise. In the event that additional work is necessary, additional charges may need to be applied to complete the installation and are the responsibility of the customer.


What to Expect After Installation

During the flooring installation process some minor damage to baseboards and walls, including paint, can occur and may need to be touched up by the homeowner.Also doors may need to be shaved in order to accommodate the thickness of new flooring.

*Rite Rug can suggest a trim carpenter to complete this work if needed.

Walk Through

Once the installation is completed, a final walk thru, with the installer, is required to ensure all work meets or exceeds your expectations.

For more useful information about preparing your home or business for flooring installation, visit our blog.

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