Flooring alternatives like tile, slate, wood, and laminates are gaining in popularity across the country. All of these types of floors are being used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms. They often need additional design and functional touches that area rugs can provide. But it’s often very difficult to find just the right rug for your space. Even when you do find a rug that’s the right size, it’s even more difficult to find a rug with the colors, patterns, and feel that you want and need. Here’s a tip that the top interior designers use: get the ideal area rug by having wall-to-wall carpet cut and formed perfectly for your spaces. For example, think of that space beneath your kitchen table. You probably won’t be able to find the right rug to fit there. But you can go to your local carpet store, pick out the perfect carpet color and pattern with terrific stain protection and buy just the amount you need for a circular rug (or any shape that you need for your space). How about your hallways? Finding the right “runners” is next to impossible. You don’t need much carpet, just the right amount. A custom carpet would be perfect. And here’s the other thing that interior designers know: these custom carpets are usually much less expensive than area rugs! The process is simple. A professional carpet cutter will shape the carpet to your exact specifications, add any necessary backing, and sew or prepare the edges so they won’t fray. And your local carpet retailer will be able to recommend someone to cut and prepare your new rugs. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually very simple and relatively inexpensive. Just follow these steps. Measure your spaces and write down the perfect size for your area rug needs. Take pictures of your spaces and be sure to them with you when you shop! Visit your local carpet store. Tell the salesperson what you’re interested in doing. Show them the pictures and work together to pick out the perfect carpet color and pattern. Enjoy your new area rug! And here’s a tip to save even more money: shop for your area rug carpet choices when you’re shopping for full carpeting for other rooms. You’ll be able to combine the square footage to save even more. So get busy! Look around your house for those spaces where you’d love an area rug but couldn't find any to fit the space or your decorating tastes. You now know how to make your own.