5 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

We may not be ready to ditch our winter coats just yet, but before we know it, spring will arrive!

We all know that spring and summer are hot for the housing market, so if you’re planning a move, check out our 7 tips for selling your home at the best possible price — and fast!

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — paint is one of the most effective, and least expensive ways to update your home. New paint has the ability to lighten and brighten a room, and make it feel new again, as it contrasts with the flooring in the room. Choose a grey or greige for wide appeal, and opt for a flat finish to hide any imperfections.

Keep The Clutter to a Minimum 

Beneficial in more ways than one, decluttering will help you prepare for your move, and enable buyers to more easily imagine themselves in the home.

The less you have, the better — especially when it comes to closet space. Half-empty closets will create the illusion of fabulous storage, even if it’s not really that fabulous. If the walls and floor are clear, it’s easy to compliment the colors of the room, creating a more desirable room and ultimately a more desirable home. 



A well-lit home is key in creating a positive and inviting experience for potential buyers. Make sure bulbs are in working order, and swap out dated fixtures when possible. Great lighting will also make the walls and carpet or flooring pop out more, providing an easy, mini refresh to any room.

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Cabinet & Hardware Upgrade 

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms have the ability to sell a home. But if your cabinetry looks boring and out of style, your selling price will likely reflect that. Paint-dated, mid-toned cabinetry a bright white for a clean, and contemporary refresh, and consider splurging on some new, beautiful hardware to complete the look.

Update Flooring 

Broken tiles and old, peeling vinyl flooring send major red flags to a buyer. In their mind, flooring will cost a lot to replace. Luckily, you know there are affordable and beautiful remedies to refresh your flooring before your home hits the market. Consider Luxury Vinyl flooring for this quick and affordable update.

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Whether you want a wood look, or tile option — this floating, waterproof floor can be installed directly on top of your existing floors and make the flooring installation quick and easy for anybody trying to sell their home!