Avoiding Mistakes When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Choosing new hardwood flooring for your home is both enjoyable and stressful. The thought of a fresh new home update is exciting — but sometimes the amount of choices can be a bit overwhelming. Hardwood flooring is an investment, and you don’t want to make a mistake. Luckily, our experts have put together a few tips to ensure your decision process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Engineered or Solid Hardwood?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing a hardwood based on aesthetics alone. Style is of course important, but it’s necessary to remember that each type of hardwood is different, and serves varying purposes better. You’ll need to consider solid hardwood versus engineered hardwood. Our Flooring Experts will be able to discuss the fine details with you to ensure you select the perfect flooring for your home, while simultaneously reducing any future problems.

What species is right for me?

You may not know that certain wood species are more durable than others. Choosing a floor that fits your home is vital to ensure the longevity of your floors. Take into consideration the amount of traffic in your home, as well as the lifestyle you lead. There are countless styles and species to choose from and our Flooring Experts will be happy to provide their invaluable insight and advice.

Styles and Textures

Another consideration is board width and texture. Traditional strip hardwood can create an illusion of more space, while thick planks lend themselves well to a more rustic design aesthetic.  Keep in mind hand scraped, wire brushed and distressed textures may be better for busy households rather than a smooth texture as they will hide minor nicks and scrapes that will occur over time.

From start to finish, the knowledge and expertise of Rite Rug is at your disposal. Our Flooring Experts can guide you through every step of the decision process, ensuring you’re left with beautiful and practical hardwood flooring you can enjoy for years to come.