Black & White Checkerboard Floor for Any Budget 

What’s black and white and never, ever going out of style? Well, the checkerboard floor of course! A design that is literally thousands of years old — black and white checkered floors are here to stay. Whether your style ismodern, traditional, retro, French, you name it — black and white checkered floors will work in any space. And the best part about them? You can incorporate them into your design at just about any budget. Here’s how… 



Vinyl tile is a popular choice when it comes to black and white flooring. It’s budget friendly, durable, and affordable, making it a great choice for rooms in need of easy-care floors. 


Alternatively, checkered floors can be easily achieved with vinyl sheet flooring, which comes on a roll as a single solid sheet. With few to no seams, vinyl sheet flooring is a fantastic option for moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms — repelling spills and stains for easy cleanup.


Painted Hardwood

French farmhouse, anyone? Painted hardwood floors are a beautiful and creative way to incorporate checkered design into your space. Whether you give old floors new life, or install new floors altogether, the result is timeless, elegant and effortless. Best of all, the imperfections add character — so you don’t need to worry about chips and scuffs here and there. 


Marble Tile 

Glamorous and bold, marble checkerboard floors are everywhere from high-end hotels to the homes of Hollywood’s elite. The eye-catching pattern adds beauty to the space, while the depth of the stone highlights and elevates surrounding furnishings. 


Ceramic Tile 

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing tile that won’t break the bank, look no further than low-maintenance, durable, hygienic, and budget friendly ceramic tile. It’s easy to create a stylish checkerboard design with this time-tested material. Ceramic tile is also naturally cool to the touch and water resistant — making it a great option for those with pets. 


Ready to start designing? The answer is in black and white — call Rite Rug today.