Decorating With Faux Fur 

Luxurious, cozy and comfortable — faux fur has the ability to make even the most contemporary of interiors feel inviting. The plush texture and touchable softness adds richness throughout the home. Not to mention it’s a seriously hot interior design trend!

Not sure where to begin? Read our top tips for adding a touch of faux fur fabulous to your home. 

Start Small

A few pillows here and there are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to dip your toes into the faux fur pond. Interior designers add faux fur to create a sense of coziness to an otherwise traditional and clean space, so it’s easy to pair new faux fur pillows with existing soft furnishings. Pro tip: opt for lighter colors for a soft look that will work year-round. 

Rug It Out

One of the most traditional ways of incorporating faux fur? In the form of a rug of course! Cozy for your feet and easy on the eyes, a faux fur rug will add instant warmth to a space without stealing the limelight from the rest of your furnishings. Often found in an irregular shape, a faux fur rug can also add a lot of visual, interest to an otherwise structured space.

Make Sure It’s Washable

You can wash most faux fur in cold water and hang to dry, but it's still a good idea to check the care instructions. As much as we love to look at faux fur, we want to use it too! Easy care options will always be preferred over their counterparts. 

Throw in a Throw 

Fashionable and functional, you can never have too many faux fur throws. Whether you’re thoughtfully draping it on a tired old sofa, or cuddling beneath it for movie night, it’s a win-win!

Pillow, throw, rug, or all of the above! One thing’s for sure — whichever route you take, all roads lead to cozy!