Home Interior Design Trends in 2018

Interior design trends are constantly evolving — transforming the way we think about our tastes and surroundings. And now, with the growing popularity of design-centric television and social media, great design seems more attainable than ever. So with a new year upon us, it’s time to take a look at 2018’s most inspiring interior design trends. 

Eclectic and Exciting

We’ve said our goodbyes to our “matchy matchy” ways of the past, in favor of a more eclectic, curated design aesthetic. 2018 brings an exciting assortment of materials for a high style, completely personalized home. Mixed metals, tons of color, and luxurious textures are popping up across the spectrum. Trendy brass looks fresh when paired with classic chrome, and pops of purple add an air of royalty to an otherwise neutral color palette.

A Small World

The world seems smaller and smaller every day, so it’s no surprise that global influences are increasingly gaining popularity in design. From African Mud Cloth pillows, to Turkish Kilim rugs, to sleek, Scandinavian anything — 2018 home design trends are all about an interesting mix of worldly style.

Hygge Happiness

Speaking of international interior design, you might not know how to say it, but Scandinavian term Hygge, (pronounced “hue-guh”) seems to be the word of the moment amongst interior designers. With the intention of “enjoying life’s simple pleasures,” this lifestyle embraces clean, soft lines to create serene surroundings. Cozy faux fur throws and shaggy rugs mix with beautiful wood flooring, surfaces and natural stone to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

PERFECT HYGGE FLOORING:Expressions Vintage Sambucca

Statement Flooring

From a rustic farmhouse living room, to a sleek and modern tiled bathroom, flooring is going big for interior design in 2018. Wide plank wood flooring feels bold and upscale — instantly updating the look of any home, whether it’s traditional, modern, or anything in between. With styles to fit every design aesthetic, new, stunningly proportioned flooring makes a big statement while remaining low maintenance.

WIDE PLANK FLOORING: Artistic Timbercuts

Pleasing Patterns

Soft lines, airy shapes, and whimsical florals are slowly becoming the preferred prints, over the geometric, strong patterns of years past. In 2018, we’ll swap out that old lattice area rug and chevron window-treatment, in favor of something more neutral and organic. Vintage, eclectic patterns and fluid watercolor-inspired design will have an elevated, artisanal appeal.

If you’re looking for a home design change in 2018, schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment, and we’ll help you take your home’s interior to a new level!