How to Incorporate Taupe Into Your Home 

Taupe is the new black! Well, technically taupe is a happy mix of grey and brown, but regardless, taupe is back and better than ever!

This in-between shade of grey and brown has always been quietly hiding amongst its popular counterparts, but 2018’s shift towards warmer, earthy design has rightfully pushed taupe into the spotlight. From light to dark, this hue matches beautifully with creams, whites, and browns. The result is an organic and sophisticated color combination that is warm and inviting.

These are our top tips for incorporating taupe flooring, walls and fabrics into your home.

Tasteful Taupe Walls

Used simply as paint or within a fabulous wallpaper design, taupe adds an understated sense of style, warmth and elegance to your walls. An effortless chameleon, taupe is neither modern, nor classical. It’s exuding a timeless glamor that is appealing in both high and low light, and matches taupe flooring well!

Taupe Flooring 

Taupe is commonly found in natural stone and hardwood, making it an easy choice when searching for ways to incorporate this hue, as well as with taupe vinyl flooring.

Taupe flooring looks beautiful when juxtaposed against crisp whites, making a bold statement against bathroom and kitchen cabinetry.

Those who favor the simplicity and freshness of white furniture will love the unexpected harmony between warm taupe flooring and bright furnishings. Of course, taupe carpeting is also an excellent choice for painting a cozy and plush canvas to build upon in your home. 

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Taupe Fabrics

Fabric is one of the most important design elements in our home. It helps to set the mood for a room and creates a comfortable space. The timeless neutrality of taupe fabrics makes it a clear choice for investment pieces like sofas and draperies.

As style and taste changes through the years, taupe hardwood flooring, walls and fabrics will adapt and work harmoniously with a variety of accent colors.

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