Refresh Your Home For Summer 

We’ve swapped out our coats for cut-off’s and ditched the heavy socks for heavenly pedicures. Another season has come and gone, and we’re ready to enjoy the sunshine. 


So whip up some lemonade, and get your sunglasses out — it’s time for a refreshingly bright Summer home makeover. 


Rethink Reorganization

Say goodbye to boring plastic bins, and hello to stylish storage solutions. Organization can be functional and beautiful — adding depth to your design aesthetic in just about any room. Smaller items look stylish when stored in geometric acrylic boxes, and baskets provide the perfect solution for throws and blankets that are used less during the warmer months. 


Rug Revamp

Swap out your cozier area rugs for fun summer styles. High-pile shags are great for cuddling up during winter months, but sisal and jute rugs provide an easy-care, relaxed alternative — lightening the overall feel of a room. 


Branch Out 

If Pinterest has you yearning for a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, but your black thumb disagrees — consider a few branches instead. Arrange leafy or blossoming branches into a vase to bring a little of the outside in. Place the vase on a sofa table or mantle to add the illusion of height, and help draw your eye around a room. 


Curtain Call

Let your heavy drapes bow out for the season, and bring in their lighter, airier counterparts. Bright white and rich creams instantly lighten a space, without the hassle of painting.  Or for a more whimsical look, opt for an airy floral or geometric print. Check big box stores for inexpensive yet impactful options, or DIY curtains from old bed linens.