Rugs have the ability to anchor a space, provide dimension and add that much needed pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. So the question is, what do you do if your space has wall-to-wall carpeting?

It seems like this is an ever-present question when it comes to design, but our experts believe that when done right, area rugs placed over carpet have the potential to create a super sophisticated aesthetic. Check out these helpful tips on navigating your design plan...


Play With Texture

When layering, consider varying textures. A plush and patterned accent rug atop a more traditional neutral carpet will create an intriguing focal point. The rug can create and define living spaces, all the while adding an interesting flair to the room. Alternatively, a more neutral area rug is a great way to break up an already boldly patterned carpet.


Pop Some Color

The right area rug can provide your space with a dose of color or exciting design element, however it’s important to remember that your wall-to-wall carpeting is still there too. Try to select a rug that complements and does not combat your existing carpeting color for a more harmonious design.


Shape It Up

Area rugs that vary in shape can work wonders in tricking the eye. Small room, big room, or awkwardly configured — evaluate your space and play with shapes to change the overall ambiance. Round rugs and animal shaped rugs can really change the feel of an otherwise boxy and boring carpeted room.


Keep Things In Place

One worry about area rugs is that they will shift or wrinkle atop existing carpeting. Luckily, rug-on-carpet pads are made specifically for this reason. An easy and quick solution, this really is no worry at all.