Floors are essentially permanent fixtures in your home. Because of this, many homeowners wait until there is a practical reason to buy new flooring. We’ve compiled a number of signs it’s time to consider this often times, necessary investment.


There are multiple cracks in your tile

Often times, cracks in your tile can be the result of a potentially serious underlying problem. It’s important to investigate why these cracks are occurring to rule out foundation issues. After you find out the solution for your home, you’ll likely need new floors.   


Your floors are creaking

Hardwood typically creaks as it gets older because it expands and contracts with your home’s moisture and foundation, but it could also indicate the binding method is loose.


You’re selling your home

Sometimes low-cost fix-me-ups won’t cut it. In order to price your house right, you many need to upgrade your flooring.


You can’t find a replacement piece of flooring

Manufactures discontinue flooring styles regularly.


Carpet stains won’t come out

If your carpet has permanent stains, it’s already time to replace. Most carpets today have built in stain protection in the fibers that last a lifetime. So if you replace your carpet now, chances are, you won’t be stuck with permanent stains.


Water Damage

When carpet is exposed to water or moisture, mildew and other types of mold can form. Hardwood and laminate will rot.


Grout isn’t cleanable

It’s not too often grout becomes immune to cleaning techniques, and when it does, it’s usually because of one of the following reasons; never been cleaned, grease, high traffic, old age. Once it’s reached this point, it’s time to replace.

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