4 Simple Fall Décor Ideas

The days are quickly shortening, the leaves are quietly falling, and before you know it we’ll be trick-or-treating, saying thanks, and feeling holly jolly. But for now it’s time to slow down, feel inspired, and pumpkin spice-up your home for fall. 


Layered textures, rustic nuances, and an emphasis on all things cozy — it’s easier than you think to bring the beauty of the season into your home. 


The Power of Pillows

Seasonally inspired throw pillows are an impactful and budget-friendly way to add a dose of fall into any space. When shopping, look for colors that complement your existing furniture — not every pumpkin is orange. This year, we’re seeing a re-imagined color palette for fall, with muted-mints, understated eggplants, and dusty-blushes. Look for pillows with texture, depth, and unique finishes. Beadwork, velvet, and embroidery add an element of luxury and elegance. If possible, opt for pillows with a removable insert. This makes it easy and affordable to swap out your look seasonally — or even just when you feel like it. 


Shop Your Yard

Nothing says fall quite like nature! So before you head to the craft store for plastic greenery and not-so-natural leaves — head to your backyard! You’d be surprised how easy it is to create unique arrangements with authentic fall foliage and textural branches. Pinecones, anyone? Don’t forget to raid your firewood pile. A few logs with a decorative ribbon and a rustic basket can go a long way. These earthy elements will effortlessly add life and beauty to your space – for free!   


Layer, Layer, Layer

It’s cuddle on the couch season, after all!  Simple additions of lush, rich textiles that complement your existing décor will quickly prepare your home for maximum coziness. Drape your home in luscious faux fur throws and chunky cable-knit blankets — and don’t forget your toes! Layer texture-rich area rugs over year-round solids or sisals for an elevated look. 


Sensational Smells

Cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin galore — these sumptuous smells help define the fall season. Make your own potpourri with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and cloves for the perfect spicy blend. Add a rosemary plant to your windowsill for a rustic woodsy scent, and easily fill your home with the glorious aroma of coffee — by brewing lots and lots of coffee. You’ll need it for all of this fabulous fall decorating!