What’s Normal for New Tile, Vinyl or Laminate

If you just had your Tile, Vinyl or Laminate floor installed — or are about to have it installed — be sure to familiarize yourself with what to expect immediately after installation. You will also need to review your manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance of your new floor.

Shade Variation

Quarried stone and naturally-fired tile and stone products have inherent variations of color and texture. Vinyl and laminate products designed to mimic those natural products will also have these variations. So each tile, plank or section will differ a little from each other — and from the samples you saw in your selection process.

Vinyl Bubbles or Creases

Tiny bubbles can happen in vinyl flooring as warm, moist air rises from the floor. Larger bubble may indicate an issue, and you should contact your flooring professional. Creases may occur if you drag furniture or heavy appliances across the floor, so be sure to always use furniture protectors and lift objects rather than push or drag.

Grout Discoloration

If your flooring is grouted (tile, for example), the grout needs to be re-sealed from time to time. Grout is very porous and absorbs water, dirt and spills as time goes on. So it can discolor if it’s not kept sealed. Check your manufacturer warranty for details.

Maintenance & Warranties

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for proper care and maintenance to maintain your warranty and keep your floor looking its best.

Low-maintenance tips for top low-maintenance floors.