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As with any home improvement undertaking, it's natural to have questions about your new floor such as: When and how will my new flooring be installed? What do I need to do before the installers arrive? What's my warranty?

Don't worry. Like your floor, we've got you covered. Start with the frequently asked questions here; then if you need more help, contact customer service.


We're so excited to get our new floor! What should we do to prepare the room for installation?

The day before Rite Rug's professional installers come to your home, please make sure that all breakable objects are removed—not just from the room itself, but from walls and table tops where the installers will enter. Our installers will cover large areas to prevent dust and debris created when the old flooring is taken up, however, you may wish to cover smaller items yourself.

Is it possible to give me a specific installation time?

While we wish we could give you an exact arrival time for our installers, it's simply not possible to predict or plan for installation delays that are out of our control. As a courtesy, we offer a block of time when the installers arrive so as to minimize the disruption on you and your family.

Is there anything we need to do after installation?

Besides moving your personal items back into your room, you may notice small nicks in the walls from where our installers carry in the material. Minor nicks are normal and should be easy to touch up at your convenience. You may also notice that some of your doors need shimmed due to height difference between the old and new flooring material. Rite Rug does not shim doors, so we suggest you consult a do-it-yourself guide or consult a professional.

How long is my installation warranty?

Any installation issues typically reveal themselves within the first year, so Rite Rug's installation warranty is one year to date of install. After one year, flooring issues that arise are typically due to such things as your home's natural expansion with the seasons. Normal wear and tear is not included in the installation warranty.

Must I pay for my flooring upfront, before installation?

As with any merchandise purchase, we do require full payment before installation. However, as a convenience to our customers, we only require half the purchase price when the flooring is ordered, with the rest being due by installation. Due to the custom nature of flooring, most of the materials we order are non-returnable and/or there is a restocking fee to the manufacturer.

Our subfloor has a problem (crack, water damage, etc.). Is Rite Rug responsible?

No. The subfloor (what is underneath your flooring) is part of the foundation of your home. A subfloor can move, crack and change over time, and Rite Rug is not responsible for knowing the hidden conditions of your foundation or subfloor.

Am I responsible for the gas being shut off or bringing it up to code if a break happens?

Yes. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure that codes are up to date and/or to have the gas lines connected or reconnected. Rite Rug is not responsible for codes being up to date or for gas shut off or gas line repair.

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