Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Hardwood Floors?

Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Hardwood Floors? 

Hardwood floors are on just about every homeowner’s wish list. They’re beautiful, timeless, and for the most part fairly durable. However, having hardwood flooring does require a little bit of special consideration and attention. There are many things we do on a daily basis that could be unintentionally causing harm to our beloved floors. Luckily, we know a thing or two about hardwood flooring — and what/what not to do to keep them gleaming for years to come.

The Welcome Mat

Simple and inexpensive — a welcome mat is your first line of defense against the outside elements. Mud, water, rocks, etc.; a readily used welcome mat will grab a good majority of potentially damaging debris. It’s also an inviting “hello” to your guests. Win, win!

The Wrong Cleaner

Not all wood floor cleaners are alike. There are many different kinds of wood finishes and each one can require a different type of cleaner that it will work best on. Chemical cleaners can be incredibly damaging when used improperly, so it’s important that you do your due diligence in researching the appropriate cleaner for your specific hardwoods.

Paws & Stilettos

Few things in life are better than dogs or high heels. Unfortunately little paws, and sky-high stilettos can do quite a number on our hardwoods. Keep puppy nails trim, and check your Manolo’s at the door to keep your floors damage-free.

The Pointy Furniture Leg

Protective furniture pads are an absolute must when it comes to your hardwood floors. Chairs, tables, dressers — you name it. Every piece of furniture should have a protective pad. Without them, the weight and movement of the furniture can easily scratch and dent the finish of your floors overtime. Also, remember never to drag heavy furniture or appliances across hardwood — grab a friend and carefully lift.

Too Much Sun

Excessive sun exposure can cause your wood floors to dull significantly faster than they normally would. Keep the blinds or shades closed when the sun is at its strongest to limit discoloration and prolong the finish of your hardwood floors.

Vacuums, and Brooms, and Mops — Oh My!

Vacuuming is just something we’ve all got to do — but with the proper attachment, of course! Make sure you’re using a hardwood floor attachment and avoid ever using a carpet beater. Stay away from the trendy steam mop (hot water is your floor’s worst enemy), and sweep regularly to remove abrasive particles that can cause damage to your floor’s surface over time.

The Dreaded Spill

Spills are inevitable — but it’s the cleanup that really counts. Limit the opportunity for spill damage by cleaning up as soon as possible. The longer water, juice, or any liquid remains on the floor, the deeper the damage. Mop up spills immediately, and follow up with a damp rag for any sticky residue. Use a dry cloth to ensure nothing gets left behind.