Dark Hardwood Maintenance 101

Dark Hardwood Maintenance 101

Dark hardwood flooring continues to be a favorite style for its classic good looks and fresh contrast against light and bright walls. And while we all love the look of spotless, dark floors, the reality is, they’re a little harder to keep looking clean than their lighter counterparts. Luckily, there are tips and tricks you can utilize to ensure your dark hardwoods are always ready for their close-up!

Microfiber Magic

Toss out your mother’s broom and invest in a quality microfiber mop of the future! Old-fashioned brooms are notorious for scratching up our beautiful hardwoods.  Pick up a microfiber mop or Swiffer instead, and prepare to be amazed! These soft and highly effective tools are pros at collecting dust without risking any damage. 

Opt For Low Sheen

The rule is: the shinier the floor, the more dirt will show. Dust, scratches, and dents — you name it, a shiny floor’s got it. A low sheen finish is a practical choice for those concerned about constantly cleaning. Additionally, a satin or matte finish will remain a classic style for years to come. A win for style, and a win for practicality!

Remove Your Shoes

It seems like a no-brainer, but one of the best tips for keeping floors looking beautiful is to take your shoes off.  The soles of our shoes carry trapped dirt and small rocks, causing scratches and dents to occur quite easily. Slippers and socks are the best option for walking around, as going barefoot can leave unwanted footprints throughout the home. And we think any excuse to buy a new pair of cozy slippers is a good one! 

Add Felt Pads

Be kind to your floors and your back, felt pads protect your dark hardwoods and make it super easy to rearrange furniture in a pinch. Make sure all pieces of furniture (especially chairs) are outfitted with felt pads, and leave your worries behind. It’s easy to pick up a multi-pack of felt pads at big box retailers and online, enabling you to felt pad your furnishings quickly and affordably.