Design in Color

Designing In Color

When developing the color palette for your home, it’s easy to fall into safety mode. Yes, white is timeless — but does it make you smile? We know that color has a proven ability to affect our mood, so why are we so afraid of it when it comes to design? Ready to smile? Let’s talk color…


Identify The Star 

Colorful Loft

To start, it’s important to take a good look at your space. What is the star of the room? It could be the sofa, or perhaps the antique canopy bed. It could be a stone fireplace, or that luxurious plush carpeting. Once you’ve found your star, it’s easier to find the perfect colors to make it shine. 

Complementary Colors 

Colorful Bedroom

Complementary colors are incredibly dynamic and pleasing to the eye. A splash of quirky orange really pops in a cool blue room, and yellow feels bold when paired with regal purple. It’s always important to consider what will compete and what will complement. Need a cheat sheet? Reference your old friend: the color wheel. 

Repeat Colors 

Colorful Den

A simple way to create a unified look, is to carefully repeat certain colors throughout the entire home — even in the tiniest of ways. If your family room has navy carpeting, pop some navy into other rooms to complement it. Find accessories with hints of navy, or consider a navy mosaic backsplash in your kitchen. These subtle choices can make all the difference in creating a cohesive design aesthetic. 

Color Your Floors

Laundry Room

Remember, color isn’t just for the walls. There’s an incredible selection of colorful flooring available to inspire a unique color palette for your home. Ready to start designing in color? We’re smiling just thinking about it. Call one of our Flooring Experts today.