Incorporating Mid-Century Modern Design Into Your Home

Incorporating Mid-Century Modern Design Into Your Home

We may be halfway through 2020, but mid-century modern style remains an enduring aesthetic. With its clean lines, organic influence and emphasis on function — mid-century design can bring a much-needed refresh to tired spaces.


Geometric Bathroom

The Basics

Geometric shapes are at the center of every good mid-century inspired design. When it comes to flooring and wall choices, opt for shapes and bold patterns to make a bold statement and a playful backdrop for more simplistic furniture styles. Hexagon porcelain tile is an excellent option in a kitchen or bathroom, adding a little groove to traditionally functional spaces.


Mid Century Modern Furniture

Funky Furnishings  

You don’t need to have a house full of mid-century furniture, to feel that funky vibe. In fact, too much mid-century might leave your home looking more Brady Bunch than Architectural Digest. It’s all in the mix. A sleek modern credenza balances well with an ornate French gilded mirror, and an oversized brass lamp feels fresh when paired with a classic chesterfield sofa. Select pieces you like, and the design will fall into place.


Mid Century Modern Home

Wild for Wood

Teak, walnut, oak, or rosewood — take your pick! Whether you opt for a sprawling room with oak flooring, or the simple addition of an original teak furniture piece — every mid-century design should include some element of wood.


Flea Market Finds

It’s no surprise that some of the best mid-century pieces are actually from the mid-century era! Luckily, summer is the perfect time to hit up estate sales and flea markets. Keep your eyes peeled for treasures that nobody else will have for the perfect finishing touches on your mid-century inspired space.


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