Incorporating Patterned Tile Into Your Home 

Patterned tiles have been around forever. They add color, interest, and extra pizazz to a space, making them a favorite amongst designers and homeowners alike. Here’s a few foolproof ways to incorporate patterned tile into your home, and create a look you’ll love for years to come!


Laundry Room Love 

We all have to do laundry — so we might as well love our laundry rooms! Laundry rooms are an ideal space to test the waters with patterned tile. Add inspiration to an otherwise plain laundry room with a bright and busy ceramic tile, or hand painted cement tile. Durable, beautiful, and fun — patterned tile in your laundry room will add that perfect punch of character to an often-unloved space. 


A Brightened Bathroom  

Floors aren’t the only place for patterned tile! Give your bathroom a quick dose of character by creating a focal wall behind the vanity or bathtub. By only tiling the top half of the wall, you’ll enjoy a high-end aesthetic, without a high-end budget. 

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Stairs That Sizzle 

Your stair risers are a cool, unexpected place to add a pop of style. From classic small mosaic tiles to unique and bold Spanish style designs, tiled risers have a welcoming effect, without overwhelming your space. 

What’s best of all about tiling flooring? With such a small area to cover, your budget will go far. Opt for a tile you really love, without hating the price tag, and add that extra pizazz you’ve been missing! 


Fab Fireplace Fix 

A fireplace is already a natural focal point in the home, especially in living rooms, but if it’s time for an update, take advantage of the minimal square footage and go bold with a stylish patterned tile! But if that’s too big of a change to handle, consider simply tiling the hearth. 

Since it's just a small area, you'll still get the added character without completely changing your aesthetic, and you’ll have room to work with any budget that works best for you!

See one of our Flooring Consultants today for assistance for adding some the perfect tile floor for any part of your home!