Open Floor Plan Flooring

Open Floor Plan Flooring

Whether you’re in the market for a new home, or simply remodeling — an “open floor plan” seems to top everyone’s list of priorities.

Regardless if you need open sight lines to the kids, or simply want a large, yet multifunctional entertaining space — it can be hard to choose just one flooring to meet all of your needs. Luckily, you can combine different flooring options to serve multiple purposes, without sacrificing style.

By selecting complementary materials, it’s actually fairly easy to create a seamless design that’s beautiful, yet functional. Need some tips? Read on:

Utilize Your Kitchen Design

Kitchens are an ideal location to combine hardwood and tile flooring because the materials are durable and easily matched to counters, cabinets and backsplashes. Whether you utilize tile on the floors, or hardwood with accents of tile — by using both flooring materials, it becomes easier to flow the design throughout the entire floor.

Mantle Makeover

Your living room fireplace presents another wonderful opportunity to incorporate multiple materials. If you’ve installed wood flooring the living room, but tile in the kitchen, use your living room fireplace to incorporate the tile. These small details go a long way in providing cohesiveness to the overall design.

High-Traffic Areas

Hallways and entryways see traffic that can wear down hardwood floors over time. Yet by combining tile with your hardwood in high-traffic areas, you can create a much more durable space. Instead of bringing hardwood flush to doorways, opt for tile and provide a space for guests to remove their shoes so your hardwood floors won't be scratched by debris and dirt. You can even create a tile “area rug” to define the space. 

Still not quite sure how to make it work? Our Flooring Experts have all the tips and tricks to ensure your open floor plan is seamlessly beautiful and functional. Contact us today!