A Playroom Fit For Playing

A Playroom Fit For Playing

This year, summer looks a little different than it has in the past. And as much fun as it is to be out in the yard with the kids all day — we all need a break from these scorching summer temperatures. That’s where the playroom comes in. 

Selecting flooring for your playroom can be tricky when you want it to flow seamlessly with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between comfort, style, and durability. Our Flooring Experts have outlined a few different options for you to consider. 


Classic Carpet

Carpet Playroom

Carpet is probably one of the first flooring options that come to mind when thinking of playroom flooring. It’s durable, soft, and warm under little feet. Plus, it adds a much-needed layer of sound insulation when Frozen is blaring from the TV for the ten-millionth time. 

If you’re worried about stains, a good spot cleaner will be your best friend. The easiest way to avoid a set-in stain is to clean a spill thoroughly and immediately. Not to mention there are several different stain-resistant carpet fibers to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ll help you select the right carpet for you. 


Stylish Hardwood

Hardwood Playroom

Hardwood flooring is a stylish option that will add sophistication to your playroom. This timeless addition will last for years to come, and can easily be refinished down the road. To protect your hardwoods against scratches from furniture or those dreaded LEGO bricks, simply add an area rug! We can even customize one to fit your space perfectly.  


Maintenance-Free Luxury Vinyl 

Luxury Vinyl Playroom

Luxury Vinyl is often an ideal choice for those in search of stylish, yet maintenance-free floors — available in a plethora of wood and tile-look styles. A quick sweep and an occasional damp mopping is all you need to maintain a spotlessly clean floor. Waterproof, and scratch resistant — even the messiest slime accident won’t stand a chance against these floors! 

Our Flooring Experts know that your playroom can be both durable and beautiful.

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