The Advantages of Hand-Scraped Wood Floors

The Advantages of Hand-Scraped Wood Floors

There’s no doubt about it — hand-scraped wood flooring adds tons of character to your home. But did you know that they also present several benefits?

Unique Appearance

Hand-scraped flooring creates an old-world, lived-in feeling within your home. The unique texture adds dimension and offers an authentically rustic look and feel. It also establishes visual interest throughout large areas — adding character before you even begin to furnish.

A particularly beautiful feature of hand-scraped floors is that the uneven texture appears to transform with the light. Watch as details appear, and shadows cast with the moving sun for an ever-changing view throughout the day.

Extended Durability

This type of wood floor is ideal for homes with pets and small children and works fabulously in high traffic areas. Small marks, scratches, and dents hide easily within the varied scrapes, making normal wear and tear much less stressful.

It’s still a smart idea to use floor pads and area rugs to extend the life of your hand-scraped wood floors, but you can rest assured that dings and accidents won’t easily ruin the overall beauty.

Lower Maintenance Needs

Hand-scraped floors have an inherently rougher finish than their smoothly finished counterparts, which helps to hide dust and small debris such as pet hair, and dirt particles.

More time enjoying your floors, and less time sweeping them! Call one of our Flooring Experts today to explore the latest styles in hand-scraped wood floors.