What's Better? Light Hardwood or Dark?

What’s better? Light Hardwood or Dark?

Selecting the right hardwood color for your space is a huge decision. After all, once your floor is installed, you will most likely be living with your choice for a very long time. Luckily, when it comes to hardwood floors, there is no right or wrong answer — it’s all about selecting a color that works for your individual lifestyle. These are a few questions to consider…

What is the style of your home? 

Lighter hardwood floors create a sunny, cheerful atmosphere, and tend to feel modern and laid-back in style. If you love bright, colorful decor, a lighter hardwood floor may be the perfect fit for your sense of style.

Dark floors exude a more classic design aesthetic, and work across a spectrum of styles with a rich and inviting vibe. If it’s timeless elegance you’re after, dark hardwoods might be for you.

How particular are you about imperfections?

If you’re up against pet hair, dust, and debris, it’s important to know that light hardwood flooring will tend to show less than its darker counterpart. But if you really love the look of rich dark wood — go for a dark color that isn’t too dark. A Jacobean or dark walnut stain will show less debris than ebony.

When it comes to dents and scratches, dark hardwood tends to show them a bit more. This is primarily due to the fact that most hardwood species are inherently light. If you scratch through the dark colored stain, it will show more of a contrast with the wood underneath than a lighter colored floor.

What’s your space like?

Light flooring can create the illusion of space, making it a particularly great option for smaller homes and condos – especially in rooms that are exposed to limited natural light.

Dark floors can potentially make a space feel a bit smaller, and are ideal for larger homes, with sizable rooms, and open floor plans. If you prefer dark floors – but you’re concerned that your space will look too dark – consider going with a lighter color for the walls.

Also, don’t forget to consider your existing decor. From furniture, to cabinetry — you’ll want everything to complement each other.

Regardless of which style you choose, hardwood floors will be a beautiful and functional addition that will serve your home well for years to come. Ready to get started? Call one of our Flooring Experts today!