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Michael David Design Center

When it comes to building or remodeling, homeowners have a lot of decisions to make. While choosing styles, textures and colors should be enjoyable, sometimes design decisions can be confusing, overwhelming or tiresome.

That's why Rite Rug makes it fun and easy, for both you and your homeowner.

At the Michael David Design Center, our one-stop resource for samples, ideas, inspiration and personalized design help, we'll work to understand the needs, wants and budget of the project. Then we'll present floor-to-ceiling design options that make sense.

Then, with the careful guidance of our knowledgeable design consultants, your homeowner can make coordinated design decisions for lighting, walls, window treatments, gutters and trim and more.

It's a seamless and rewarding process for everyone—including you:

  • Invite your customers to visit the Michael David Design Center.
  • Let us help them understand their options and guide them toward the most satisfying solutions. (This frees you up to focus on other, more important issues related to the new build or remodel.)
  • We'll come back to you with a complete set of finishing plans and material selections your homeowner chose themselves.
Michael David Design Center

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