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Carpet Care & Cleaning

It's perfectly normal, over time, for carpet to hang onto soil—even when vacuumed regularly. Small particles naturally stick to carpet fibers, lightly discoloring them, especially in high-traffic areas.

To keep carpet looking its best and to eliminate allergens, have your carpet professionally cleaned with the hot water extraction method every 12 to 18 months.

For best results, hire an IICRC-certified and CRI-approved carpet care professional like Rite Rug. We use environmentally safe solutions, which are often required per manufacturer's warranties. Using the right processes and solutions like ours ensures proper carpet cleaning as well as safety for your home, family and pets.

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts for good carpet care:

  • DO remove spills immediately by blotting, working from the outside edge of the spill toward the center. When blotting, always use a white cloth or towel and never use anything containing color or pattern since it can transfer or "bleed" into the carpet.
  • DON'T wipe or rub stains. Be gentle when cleaning, otherwise carpet may "fuzz."
  • DO clean stains using a mild solution of warm water and non-bleach detergent. Rinse thoroughly with water, without over-wetting the area and blot dry.
  • DON'T clean carpets with detergents or abrasive cleaners, which can cause a chemical reaction with stain-protective coatings and perhaps negatively affect your manufacturer's warranty.
  • DO understand that warranties are for the original purchaser only and are not transferrable.
  • DON'T assume all stains are covered under the Stainguard warranty.
  • DO check your warranty for exact details about what's excluded. While not a complete list, the following stains are typically excluded from warranty: mustard, red wine, coffee, herbal teas, hot beverages, bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food, pet stains, paint, iodine, hair dyes and shoe polish.

DO be aware that use of a DIY home carpet cleaner will void all manufacturers warranties.

For more information please see your manufacturer’s warranty.

Cleaning Services

Flooring lasts longer and looks better when it's cleaned regularly. Keep your carpet, rugs, tile and laminate looking great with professional cleaning services from Rite Rug. Available to our customers in Columbus and central Ohio, schedule online or call 614-748-7483 for an appointment.


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