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Vinyl & Resilient Care & Cleaning

Durable and attractive, vinyl and resilient flooring is more practical than ever. Immediately after installation, follow these special instructions.

  1. Maintain room temperature at a constant 65ºF for 48 hours after installation to ensure proper curing and bonding.
  2. Avoid washing or scrubbing for five days after installation to allow adhesive to dry and set (although it's perfectly fine to use a damp cloth to very gently wipe off minor markings or manufacturer's logo).
  3. Allow seams to seal (vinyl only) for eight hours to ensure proper bonding and a seamless finish.

To keep it vinyl and resilient looking shiny-bright, follow these everyday DOs and DON'Ts.

  • DO place a welcome mat or rug made of a natural, colorfast material at each entry to prevent tracked-in dirt and trap excess moisture.
  • DON'T use oil soap cleansers or "clean and shine" products since they can leave a dulling film.
  • DO prevent deep indentations by using felt protectors on furniture legs.
  • DON'T leave sand, dirt and dust to accumulate; instead, dry mop or wipe floors with a damp cloth. Never use a vacuum beater bar, which can permanently mar this type of flooring.
  • DO wipe up spills and wetness immediately with a soft, dry cloth. For dried spills, use a made-for-resilient floor cleaner.
  • DON'T use harsh or abrasive cleaners, steel wool or kitchen scrubbies.
  • DO clean floors using a made-for-resilient floor cleaner. For extra shine, use a polish-and-shine product made especially for resilients.

For more information please see your manufacturer’s warranty.

Cleaning Services

Flooring lasts longer and looks better when it's cleaned regularly. Keep your carpet, rugs, tile and laminate looking great with professional cleaning services from Rite Rug. Available to our customers in Columbus and central Ohio, schedule online or call 614-748-7483 for an appointment.


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