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Hardwood Refinishing

There's no denying the breathtaking beauty of a hardwood floor—unless, of course, the floor has lost its luster through age, damage or wear and tear. If you live in Columbus or central Ohio, revive the look of your hardwood floors the easy way: with Rite Rug Creative Hardwood Floors. From sanding, staining and refinishing, our qualified and bonded team offers professional hardwood restoration and repair.

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Sanding and Repair

Dust. It's the biggest annoyance (and perhaps fear) of every hardwood homeowner who's thinking about repair or refinishing. At Rite Rug, we work quickly, efficiently and neatly to sand, repair and restore the beauty of your hardwood. With our virtually dustless containment system, the dust problem is no problem.

Custom Staining and Finishing

Our custom staining and finishing services for hardwood floors include:

  • Custom color options
  • Low-odor products
  • All types of wood products

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