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July 18, 2017


Decorating With Shiplap

When looking for a casual country touch to add to your home, few design elements can compete with the warmth and charm of shiplap. Adored for its rustic sensibility and cozy aesthetic, shiplap has fast become a staple in homes across the country.

Used across several different design styles, from modern to country, and even industrial — shiplap offers texture that drywall lacks. Accent walls, fireplaces, mud rooms and more — shiplap has a place in just about any space. With the help of our interior design experts, here are some ways to incorporate shiplap in your home. 

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a simple way to add texture to a room, creating a focal point and adding interest to your walls without using art. A shiplap accent wall can be painted the same color as the rest of the room, or provide a striking contrast.

Deciding how to decorate around a wall mounted television? Consider installing a shiplap wall to create visual interest around the television, without adding clutter.

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Many of us have outdated fireplaces, but are unsure of how to modernize the tired space. Adding shiplap to the fireplace instantly creates a clean yet inviting look while adding texture — the perfect backdrop to dress with family photos, candles, or a large decorative mirror.

Consider mixing shiplap with materials like brick, marble or concrete for a more eclectic or contemporary aesthetic.

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Mudroom & Bathroom

Horizontal boards can make a small room seem larger. Use it as a backsplash, swap out old wainscoting, or shiplap floor to ceiling. Suddenly your smallest rooms make the biggest impact. An added perk? It’s incredibly easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down!

Ready to add shiplap to your home? Talk to one of our Experts today!




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July 18, 2017


Choosing The Right Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

We love hardwood floors for their classic elegance, neutral style, and proven durability. When properly cared for, hardwoods will beautifully stand the test of time and become an asset to your home.

It is important to vacuum your hardwood floors regularly, as dirt and debris can scratch and wear them over time. However, choosing the right vacuum is key — as the wrong vacuum can actually cause damage to your hardwood floors.

Need help finding the right vacuum? Our Flooring Experts have listed out their top tips in choosing the right vacuum to keep your floors safe, clean, and beautiful for years to come.

Avoid rolling brushes

Rolling brushes are designed to remove dirt, hair, and debris that hide within a carpet’s pile. This is great for deeply cleaning your carpets, however the constant spinning of the brush can actually cause damage and scratches to wood flooring. Opt for a vacuum without a rolling brush, or choose one that allows you to switch it off when cleaning hardwoods.

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Extra padding and rubber wheels 

The vacuum you choose should have ample padding as well as rubber wheels. None of us want dings or scratches in our beautiful floors. It’s easy to reduce this risk by selecting a vacuum with padding such as felt treads and rubber wheels.

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Compact and lightweight

Vacuuming your home is no simple task, but lightweight and compact models can make the process more enjoyable. They are easier to carry around the home, and gently glide across floors. The less pressure you apply to your wood flooring (and your back), the better. 

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Canister Vs. Upright?

A long-standing debate — there’s no right or wrong answer. Canister vacuums are generally lighter, and tend to be easier to use on stairs, yet uprights tend to have a simpler transition between hardwoods and carpet. Ultimately, this decision really comes down to personal preference. Just make sure you select a vacuum with superior suction capabilities, so that no dust is left behind!




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