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April 26, 2017

Powder Room Makeover 

When you say ‘powder room’ — not much comes to mind. It’s the oft-forgotten room in the house, stocked with decorative soaps and “off-limits” guest towels. This small space can easily be overlooked when it comes to design, but it’s time to rethink that decision.

Powder rooms actually have infinite potential. The small size allows for big style and risk-taking that you might steer clear of anywhere else in the house. Check out these key elements to consider when making over your powder room.

The Walls

Your powder room is a great place to play with color and pattern on the walls. Because it’s such a small space, a textured wallpaper or bold color won’t seem overwhelming. A stunning floral or timeless toile will be a fun and unexpected pop to welcome guests. Tile is also a stylish option for the walls, simply as an accent wall, or boldly covering every inch. Floor to ceiling subway tile? Yes, please!    

The Vanity

The powder room is not used for bathing, so there’s not much needed in terms of storage. This provides a unique opportunity to choose a vanity solely on preferred style. It can complement the design of the rest of the house, or make its own statement. Pedestal sinks are a popular choice for powder rooms, seamlessly working with a range of design schemes, whist remaining sleek and classic.

The Floor

The flooring in your powder room can pack a big punch — and because of the small square footage, there is opportunity to opt for high-end flooring without breaking the bank. Imagine a stunning chevron marble mosaic tile or a boldly patterned cement tile. Alternatively, an affordable but classic penny tile will stand the test of time, allowing for other elements in the room to shine. 

Hardware & Accessories 

Play with hardware in your powder room. You’d be surprised how mixing metals can make a space feel fresh and styled. Brass hardware is making a major comeback in the world of interiors, so don’t be afraid to test your design boundaries and opt for a brass faucet or light fixture. 

Speaking of light fixtures, why not choose a delicate chandelier or bold wall sconce? Trade the usual boring bathroom lighting for something more exciting.  

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize. A unique mirror is a simple way to add interest to your powder room. Forgo traditional medicine cabinets and go for a framed mirror. Better yet, repurpose an old mirror you have lying around the house.

For a finishing touch, pick up a luxe fragrant candle and small plant. These items will help warm the space without making it feel cluttered. If you’d like to upgrade the design of your powder room, talk to one of our Tile Experts today to learn more! 


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April 26, 2017


Hardwood Floors Vs. Wood-Look Tile 

Hardwood has long been a favorite amongst homeowners for its classic looks and added resale value. Yet hardwood is expensive, and requires a bit more care than other flooring materials. If you love the look of wood, but crave the durability of tile — wood-look tile might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

High-Tech, High Design

New advances in manufacturing involving digital imaging and ink-jet printing have allowed for a wide range of wood-look porcelain tile. They are designed with patterns and textures that emulate just about any wood species, and you’ll likely be hard-pressed to tell the difference side by side.

Wood-Look In Any Room

One of the advantages of wood-look tile is that it’s ideal for just about any space. Hardwoods in the kitchen are gorgeous, but you might have worried about spills and heavy foot traffic. Now, wood-look tile can help you achieve your dream flooring design, without sacrificing durability.

The realistic appearance and moisture proof properties of wood-look tiles allow homeowners and designers to achieve the look of authentic hardwood in just about any space. Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements — you name it. Wood-look tile is easy to care for, and can be used seamlessly with under-floor heating systems.

Wood-look tile will also help with the heating and cooling in any room you desire to install it in. Tile easily stays cool in the summer. During the cold winter months, installing radiant heating under the flooring will really impact the warm of your home, creating cozy space.

Wood-Look Tile Style

Classic oak, reclaimed rustic, modern bamboo, you name it! The style options for wood-look porcelain tile are virtually endless. Tiles are available in traditional hardwood flooring dimensions, and varying widths. To maintain an authentic wood look, we recommend installing tile with tight grout lines.

Wood-look tile combines great style with premium durability. Talk to one of our Flooring Experts today to learn more.



Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

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