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May 23, 2017


Flooring For Your Nursery

You have assembled the diaper genie, the rocking chair is perfectly placed, and that giant stuffed giraffe is resting sweetly in the corner, but what about your nursery’s flooring?

It might not be the most exciting pregnancy purchase, but the flooring you choose now will likely stick around long past the terrible twos. Carpet, hardwoods, or not quite sure — our flooring experts have rounded up five popular choices to consider.


Soft, comfortable, and cushy on tiny knees — carpet provides the perfect cushion to protect your little one as they start moving around. Additionally, carpet is one of the best floor coverings for indoor air quality, preventing dust and other allergens from becoming airborne. Concerned about stains? Just ask one of our Flooring Experts to select carpeting with a high level of stain resistance.

Hardwood Flooring

Classic, elegant, and easy to keep clean — wood flooring will grow with your newborn and look appropriate throughout every life stage. Wood floors are durable, but it’s important to note that they will wear with time. Especially when up against activity walkers and building blocks. Thankfully, wood can easily be refinished to look like new down the road — perhaps when they head off to college.

Bamboo Flooring

Beautiful and eco-friendly, bamboo provides a reliable, durable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwoods. It is naturally scratch and insect resistant and comes in a variety of colors to fit just about any style nursery.

Cork Flooring

Anti-allergenic and anti-microbial by nature, cork is another excellent choice for a nursery. Warmer and softer than wood flooring, the cork will cushion falls and feel comfy under little feet.

Like bamboo, cork is a favorable choice for parents looking for an eco-friendly flooring solution. It’s also an excellent insulator, making it extremely energy efficient.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate offers an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring. Durable, fairly scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, the laminate can often be an excellent choice for a nursery.

Area Rugs 

Regardless of what flooring you install, a fun and colorful area rug can add texture and softness to space — even on wall-to-wall carpeting! Consider switching out rugs depending on the seasons or your child’s ever-changing interests. Dinosaurs, Fairies, polka dots or baseballs — you simply can’t go wrong!

Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

May 23, 2017

Easy Spring Makeover Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to make some style changes to your home. A spring makeover is an excellent way to shift the focal points of the house to different pieces or areas. Here are some easy ways to revamp your home for springtime.

Upgrade Your Bedding

New bedding is a straightforward and impactful update for your bedroom. A fresh color palette using different textures will add dimension to your space, and breathe new life into your existing furnishings. Unsure of what colors to choose? Opt for neutral sheeting, and add pops of color with throw pillows and blankets.

Reupholster Existing Furniture 

Beautiful, well-built furniture is hard to come by these days. Reimagine well-loved furniture pieces with new fabrics for an updated look. A tired wing-back chair will look fabulous in a rich jewel-tone velvet, and a sunken-in settee will feel new in a trendy IKAT print.

Swap Your Window Treatments

Ditch your old mini blinds for something new and inviting. Bright and elegant linen drapes or a tailored roman shade will quickly transform any space. If your room is already fairly neutral — perhaps opt for vibrantly colored, or patterned drapery to add dimension to space. Most importantly, be sure to strike the right mix between light and privacy.

Add an Area Rug

Introducing a new area rug to your room will help anchor the space, and bring unity amongst your current furnishings. It also poses great opportunity to go bold or choose an unexpected style.  Play with texture, have fun with shapes, and take risks with color. Can’t find an area rug that meets your needs? Rite Rug can make one for you. Just ask one of our Flooring Experts for details.


Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

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