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November 15, 2018



Quick Fixes To Get Your Home Holiday Guest Ready 

The season of holiday hosting is in full swing, and whether you’re hosting an intimate family gathering, or a monumental neighborhood bash — it’s time to get your home holiday guest ready. And no, you don’t need a total home-makeover to create a welcome and inviting space. A few simple upgrades, quick fixes, and expert tips will make a world of difference. 


Back To Basics 

Your furniture, floors, and walls might have seen better days, but it’s easy to give them a little pick-me-up. All you need to do is invest a little time and elbow grease.Re-stuff sagging cushions, shine up your floors, and use a defuzzer to remove pilling from soft furnishings. You can even call Rite Rug for specialized carpet and upholstery cleaning.


Grab a magic eraser to get rid of marks on your walls, a wood touch-up marker to fix scratches and dents on your wood furniture, and give tile grout a deep clean. These simple fixes will breathe new life into your existing space with little to no expense. 



Wonky Window Treatments

Window treatments can really make or break a space. Crooked shades and disheveled curtains can leave a room feeling messy and uninviting. Take this time as an opportunity to look at your window treatments, and evaluate if they’re adding or subtracting from your environment. Spend some time with your crooked shades to adjust the cords ensuring that they’re even. Curtains should be long enough to just “kiss” the floor, and if they’re too long -- consider a no-sew hem tape, or even simply raising the curtain rods. 


Finesse Your Furniture

If your living space is on the larger side, with furniture placed against the walls, consider moving pieces closer together so that your guests can comfortably speak to each other. No one wants to be shouting across the room! Use area rugs to frame out the space, and borrow accent chairs from other rooms in your house. You could also grab a few poufs or ottomans to create cozy conversation nooks throughout the room. Try to create multiple seating areas, and don’t forget to add a few cocktail tables for resting drinks and hors d’oeuvres. 



Light The Way

Lighting, lighting, lighting! We can’t say it enough. Nothing quite sets the mood like good lighting. Say no to overhead and fluorescent bulbs, and break out the table lamps and candles. If you have a great console or buffet table at home – this is the perfect spot for a pair of glowing table lamps. Use the table to set up a drink or dessert bar, and enjoy the low, ambient, accent lighting. 



Kill The Cords

You’re probably so used to seeing the cluttered coil of wires sticking out from under your entertainment system that you don't even notice them anymore — but your guests definitely will. Take a few minutes to tidy your cords, and suddenly the whole room will feel less cluttered and more put together. Zip ties, Velcro, and sticky hooks can often solve all of your cord problems quickly and easily. If all else fails, stick something decorative in front of them! No one will ever know. Happy entertaining! 


Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

October 17, 2018


Style Spotlight: Gray Flooring 

Light, dark, or somewhere in-between — choosing the color of your new flooring can be overwhelming to say the least. Floors are an investment, and you want to get it right. There’s no gray area — or is there? 


Shades of gray have become incredibly popular in home design. From paint, to furnishings, right down to your floors, gray has the ability to create a cool, calming backdrop that pairs well with a variety of styles. But which gray flooring is right for your home? 


Engineered Hardwood 

When it comes to solid hardwood, it can be difficult to achieve the perfect gray stain. However, engineered planks provide us with a variety of choice and style, and allow us to get exactly what we’re looking for in terms of stain and finish. Its durability, beauty, and ease of installation make engineered planks an excellent option for the perfect gray hardwood look. It can be nailed, glued, or even clicked into place over an existing floor. 


Gray Carpet

Wood may be the popular choice on your Instagram feed, but gray carpeting can often be a fabulous choice for your home. Affordable, warm, and soft underfoot, gray carpet will feel neutral and current throughout the home, without overwhelming the space. Worried it might be too bland? Patterned gray carpet can make a big design statement and work wonders in hiding foot traffic residue. 


Gray Wood-Look Tile

If you have pets, kids, or live in a warm climate — nothing quite beats the durability and versatility of tile. A gray wood-look tile can work with a variety of home styles, from cozy farmhouse, to mid-century modern. And much like engineered hardwoods — what you pick out is what you get. There’s no worrying about the stain not living up to your expectations. 


Gray Luxury Vinyl Planks/Tiles

This high-tech flooring combines style with extreme durability — seamlessly mimicking the look of hardwood, ceramic or stone. Whether you want a hardwood look without the maintenance, or a stone style without the cold toes — it’s easy to find a gray luxury vinyl style to suit any design aesthetic. And because it’s virtually indestructible, it makes it an ideal candidate if you’re looking to install one floor throughout the entirety of your home. 


Ready to go gray? Speak to one of our Flooring Experts today.


Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

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