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July 20, 2018


5 Common Interior Design Dilemmas: Solved! 

No matter how many HGTV shows you watch, or Pinterest pins you pin, the fact is — interior design can be tricky. Between floor plans, paint colors, (do you even know how many whites there are out there?), fabrics, and budgets, there are approximately one billion decisions to be made in any given room. Luckily, we know what to do. Here are our best strategies, solutions and shortcuts to tackle five common design obstacles within your home. 


Matchy-Matchy Sets

It happens to the best of us. The furniture showroom looks pretty and put-together with its all-beige-everything bedroom set. Yet when it’s delivered, the room feels like a beige sea of anything but style. Don’t worry; all you need to do is separate the pieces into different rooms. In doing so, you’ll eliminate that matchy-matchy look, leave room for personal touches, and create a cohesive link throughout the home. 



Small Space, Big Furniture

That sectional sofa looked “just right” in the store, but suddenly seems gigantic in your modest living room. We’ve been there. Large pieces in small spaces might seem like a problem, but they actually can make small spaces feel larger. Just remember to keep things simple. Lots of small furniture pieces will always feel more cluttered than one large piece. If you’re feeling crowded, try removing excess decorative items to simplify the space.



Big Blank Walls

Your new home is bright, white, and unbearably bare. How will you decorate all of these walls? Ok, take a breath. Start by adding window treatments to anchor the space. Whether it be wood blinds, cellular shades, Roman shades, or something else entirely, Rite Rug offers custom-fit window treatments that will add design and functionality to your home. 


From there, consider adding a gallery wall of family photos to help break up blank spaces, or look for large format prints to give you a bold look with minimal effort. 



Big Space, Small Budget

If you’re moving from a smaller space to a larger one, you might be tempted to go on a decorating shopping spree. So many rooms to fill! We get it, but it’s best to take things slow. Don’t go overboard trying to fill the space during the first week you’re in there. Instead, furnish the space little by little over time. This will keep your wallet happy, and avoid potential decorating disasters. 



Tiny Rug Revamp

Another common occurrence for apartment-dwellers turned homeowners: the too-small rug. We might be biased, but this is our favorite problem to fix. 


Both the room shape, and furniture should dictate the rug size and orientation you choose. A few inches can make all the difference between the rug pulling the room together or chopping it up. 


The rug should be proportional to the space (large rooms = large rugs) and placed to echo its dimensions (long room = orient lengthwise). If you need help visualizing, use painter's tape to mock-up the rug placement before you buy. 


Unusual room shape, or just not sure? Rite Rug can custom make an area rug to fit your space perfectly. Stylish, easy, and always affordable. Call one of our Flooring Experts to get started… 



Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

July 20, 2018


Style Spotlight: Tile Trends 

Backsplashes, floors, walls, and even ceilings — tile is appearing just about everywhere these days. And with a wide variety of shapes, styles, patterns and price points, tile can make a bold statement wherever it’s laid. So whether you’re looking for a quick room update, or you’re in the midst of a total renovation, check out what’s trending in tile today. 



Color Comeback

While neutral tile is timeless and safe, we’re happy to report that color is making a bold comeback in the world of interior design. Whether it’s solid statement-making color or unique Instagram-worthy pattern, developments in cold glazing and inkjet printing create vivid and highly saturated hues on ceramic surfaces. 


Modern Grid 

Remember those 4x4 square tiles you ripped out 15 years ago? Well, they’re back in style! An unexpected and fun alternative to subway tile, square tiles can feel modern yet retro at the same time. Pair them with sleek, contemporary elements to keep your design feeling fresh and contemporary. 


Shaping Up 

From diamonds and crosses, to triangles and stars — tiles are available in a virtually endless variety of shapes. Whether used all over for a bold look, or simply as an accent to diversify space, geometric tile can add depth to a room, and often make a space feel larger by subtly adding movement to the space.  


Matte Finish

Understated matte tile enables the shape and color of the tile to shine, rather than the finish. Matte tile feels organic and spa-like when paired with stylish metallic fixtures, and adds a layer of sophistication and simplicity to a space.


Color, shape, pattern, and finish — tile is all about creating a personalized design that is both uniquely beautiful and effortlessly functional in your home. Ready to get started? Call one of our Flooring Experts today to explore the newest styles of tile.  


Posted by: Rite Rug Blog Administrator

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