Vacation Checklist:

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Flooring Edition

A little preparation can help to ensure that your vacation homecoming is a happy one. Safeguard your floors from damage while you're away!


The countdown is on for your much-anticipated winter vacation! You’ve done the laundry, packed some very cute beach hats, poured your favorite shampoo into 100ml bottles, and successfully completed your online check-in. What else is left to do? Take care of your floors, of course! 

Ok, we realize your floors are not necessarily at the top of your vacation check-list — but what you might not realize is that your floors are at the most risk of becoming damaged if the proper precautions aren’t set into place before you take off. Here’s what you need to do before you depart…

Close Those Windows

This may seem obvious, but it’s a smart idea to check, and double check that all windows and skylights are properly closed and locked. All it takes is one strong wind storm to blow open that not-quite-closed guest bedroom window, for your hardwoods to become drenched in rainwater.

Check The Weather

It’s probably a lot more fun to check the weather at your beach destination, but it’s also important to keep an eye on what’s happening back at home. Temperature and humidity can affect your flooring, so it’s important to maintain interior temperature and humidity levels even when you’re not at home, to avoid any damage from happening. 

Check Your Sump Pump

Be sure to give your sump pump a quick check and ensure that your battery backup is working if you have one. A flooded basement can really take the fun out of your homecoming. 

Don't Turn Off Your Thermostat

While it’s a good idea to unplug unnecessary appliances and electronics before you leave for vacation, you should never turn your thermostat off. Your indoor temperature should remain around 65 degrees to keep your house (and your floors) safe from the elements. Consider implementing a digital thermostat that will allow you to monitor the weather at home and raise or lower ambient temperatures as needed. 

Now sit back, relax, and have a Piña Colada (or two) for us! Enjoy that vacation!