Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Service

Refurbish, refinish and restore your hardwood floor.

Give your hardwood floor a new life.

There is no denying the breathtaking beauty of a hardwood floor—unless, of course, the floor has lost its luster through age, damage or wear and tear.

Hardwood floors can be refinished and restored through sanding and staining. But many people choose not to do it themselves because it is a lot of work and it is hard to control the dust. We have solved both of these problems for many customers by tackling the repair and refinishing for them, using our dustless containment system.

From sanding, staining and refinishing, our qualified and bonded team offers professional hardwood restoration and repair in Columbus and Central Ohio. Our custom staining and finishing services include:

  • Custom stain color options
  • Low-odor products
  • Dustless containment system
  • All types of wood products

Contact us with a few details about the dimensions and condition of your hardwood floors. We’d love to help you bring them back to their original beauty.

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