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Accent Walls You Can Do Yourself


Accent Walls You Can Do Yourself

Looking for a quick, easy DIY home décor project that doesn’t bust your budget? An accent wall can create immediate impact. Turn ordinary walls into an extraordinary room accent with these feature wall ideas.

From paint and tile to luxury vinyl or wood planking, you can give any room in your home a fresh look by adding an accent or feature wall.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point is what gives a room a distinctive look and feel. It also helps to anchor the space by drawing attention to one essential element. The idea behind adding an accent wall or feature wall is to give the room a focal point or stand-out feature. Think about a room with a fireplace, a bold print, or even a dramatic headboard. That’s the focal point.

So what can you do to create a focal point in your home? 


Shiplap has regained popularity in the past few years. It is a fun feature wall idea that adds depth and texture. Although shiplap was once thought of as a necessity for the traditional farmhouse look, it is very versitile and can be designed to work with everything from modern to rustic.  

Wood-Look Warmth

Wood walls add depth, texture, warmth, and character to just about any space. Perhaps you’ve considered adding a wood feature wall but are not sure how to cut and finish expensive lumber. No worries. We have both you and your feature wall covered, thanks to luxury vinyl and hardwood planks. Luxury vinyl and hardwood provide an extensive range of color and design choices for your walls. From sleek and modern, to rustic and reclaimed, LVP and hardwood planks let you create a stunning wooden wall in your favorite design style.

Tile to Beguile

Love the look of marble, quartz, or metal? A tile accent wall just might be perfect for you.   

The varying colors and styles of tile let you add a texture layer, reflect light, or simply bring a little pizzazz into the room. Try brickwork tile in a kitchen or family room for a contemporary farmhouse feel, glass or metal tile in the kitchen or bath for a luxurious spa-like vibe, or wood-look tile for a fuss-free rustic feel.    

Ceiling Transformation

Create a focal point on your ceiling using hardwood planks or luxury vinyl. An accent ceiling is just as easy to DIY as a feature wall, but it is especially unique. Even better? You can install LVP or hardwood planks right over an existing textured, acoustic, or popcorn-style ceiling.

Paint Color Pop

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

Add a pop of color or go dark and dramatic with a single painted wall. Paint is a fast and affordable way to give any room an instant makeover.   

The key is deciding which wall to paint. A simple rule of thumb for accent walls is to walk into the space and notice where your own eye goes. Something is drawing your eye there for a reason, such as a piece of furniture, a gorgeous view, or a quirky configuration.   

Consider painting either the largest or smallest wall in the room. You can also paint a wall that has two inside corners. This gives a clearly defined stopping and starting point for your paint.    


Every room needs a showstopper, and a DIY feature wall is just the thing. Not only do accent walls inject interest into your room, but they also let you have fun without overwhelming you or the room.   

Now that you know how quick, easy, and affordable a DIY feature wall can be, you’re ready to go make a statement one wall at a time.

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