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Hardwood Colors Homebuyers Want


Hardwood Colors Homebuyers Want

When you are thinking about putting your home on the market, there are numerous factors to consider and many plans to be made. From price to timing and everything in between, you want your house to look its very best, for the listing photos through to that last showing. 

Hardwood floors are a major selling point for just about any home, so it is no surprise that a fresh, contemporary stain can add substantial value to the selling price of your home. When choosing a hardwood flooring color for a house that you are planning to sell, keep in mind that the color of the floor should match the style of the home, the neighborhood and the climate, not necessarily your personal taste or furnishings. 

If you are considering refinishing your hardwoods or installing new floors we have a few tips to ensure buyers fall head over heels for your fabulous floors.

Dark Stains

Dark hardwoods are currently one of the most popular choices for homebuyers. Whether it’s a luxurious mix of Ebony and Dark Walnut, a warm Espresso, or a luscious Jacobean, dark browns are neutral and provide an upscale, contemporary feel for your home.

Light Stains

On the other end of the spectrum, very light floors are also a wildly popular request of potential buyers. Light and bright natural floors feel contemporary and fresh. Just make sure that when going light, you keep it extremely neutral, and avoid any hints of yellow or orange as this can make the floors feel dated and dingy.

Stain Colors To Avoid

When you are selling your house, you want to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. This may mean staying neutral and avoiding some of the latest trending colors or distressed looks, thus allowing your buyer to easily be able to visualize their family living in your house with their furnishings. 

Colors like Mahogany and Cherry may be gorgeous with your rugs and furniture but these taste-specific red tones may cause a potential buyer to walk away because the color too strongly dictates the tones that they must incorporate into the room. Distressed Grey hardwood may look amazing in your home office, but this may not appeal to a buyer who was visualizing that room as a nursery. 

In the end, you have to choose a stain color that feels appropriate to your home, personal aesthetic, and neighborhood. Luckily, whether you are looking to revive your existing floor, or are ready to invest in a new one, our Flooring Experts can help you every step of the way. Schedule an In-Home Appointment or stop by one of our showrooms today!