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Stair Runner Perks

Climb to New Heights!

We've Got 5 Surprising Benefits of Stair Runners You Need to Know.


If you're overlooking the importance of stair runners in your home décor, you're missing out on some serious stair style. But fear not, our Flooring Experts can quickly add both sass and function to any staircase. 

Here are some reasons why you should be all about that stair runner life:

1. Safety dance

Fallen woman at bottom of staircase made of light wood floors and white trim details

It's okay to get down with your bad self on a stair runner with its extra layer of safety. They offer better grip than a slippery bare wood or tile staircase, so you can bust a move withOUT worrying about taking a tumble.   

2. Protect and serve

Shaggy dog sitting at bottom of staircase adorned with striped stair runner in entryway with shiplap walls

Don't let your stairs get beat up by pets or furniture movers. A stair runner can be like a personal bodyguard for your steps, protecting them from scratches and damage. #StairGoals

3.  Slay the décor game

Two staircase scenes one with a neutral plaid pattern and one with a light beige jute on white stairs

Stair runners can add a pop of pizzazz to your home décor, bringing some serious style to your staircase. With so many colors, materials, and patterns to choose from, you can find one that fits your vibe and your budget.

4.  Quiet on the set 

Woman walking up stairs covered in light brown stair runner with white walls and handrail

Tired of all the noise in your home? A stair runner can help reduce sound levels by acting as a muffler for footsteps. No more waking the baby with that midnight snack run! 

5.   Max bang for the buck

Detailed image of person installing carpeting onto stairs as runner in light cream beige color

If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to upgrade your home décor, a stair runner is a fantastic option. They're often less expensive than other flooring options and can add a hyper-personalized, dramatic focal point to your home. One last note - if you're considering taking on a DIY stair runner project, check out our advice first before it ends in regrets. 

So go ahead, strut your stuff on a stair runner and take your home décor to the next level. Visit one of our showrooms or schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment to get started on your own custom creation today!