Dealing with Uneven Surfaces

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The Best Flooring for an Uneven Surface

Uneven floors can be an unwelcome reality. Don't let it prevent a beautiful upgrade!


The charm of an older home can be absolutely intoxicating, if not irresistible. Who doesn't feel the allure of built-in features, oversized and ornate molding details, and unexpected nooks and crannies? But for those that have been drawn in, we know that with the beauty of age can come some unique challenges. Not the least of which is flooring.

Beyond more grievous issues like subflooring and foundation, the number one problem homeowners face with historic floors is an uneven surface. Whether it's settling over time or decades' worth of repairs and replacements, uneven flooring can be an unwelcome reality. But it shouldn't prevent you from a beautiful upgrade!

When choosing flooring for uneven spaces, there are several options to consider, each with its own set of benefits. Of course you will want to check with your RiteRug Flooring Expert to determine which option is feasible given your specific situation. 

Vinyl and Laminate flooring:

Both vinyl and laminate floors are versatile and durable options that can be installed over slightly uneven surfaces. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to clean and maintain, and come in a wide range of patterns and colors so you don't have to sacrifice style for function. Note that with this, as well as any other option, severe cases of uneven surfaces may require a leveling of the subfloor. 

Fresh, modern laundry room with light blue walls, stacked washer and dryer and light wood look vinyl plank floors

Carpet and Carpet tiles: 

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be surprisingly forgiving for slight variations in surfaces. Furthermore, carpet tiles can be even more adaptable. They are fairly DIY installation friendly and are easy to replace if one tile becomes damaged. Aesthetic variety here is also quite endless through creative combinations of patterns and colors.

Living room with brown leather couch, medium beige carpeting and rustic modern furnishings

Cork or Bamboo flooring: 

Cork and bamboo floors are durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly options ideal for uneven spaces. They are both a renewable resource but also comfortable to walk on and with excellent insulation properties.

Classic dining room with antique style furnishings and mid tone brown wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring: 

Engineered wood flooring is a more traditional option that can be installed over uneven surfaces. It's made of a thin layer of solid wood on top of multiple layers of plywood. Engineered wood flooring is also relatively durable, easy to maintain, and can help retain the look and feel of an historic home.

Modern white cabinet and countertop kitchen with light brown wide plank engineered wood floors

Don't worry, our Flooring Experts are here to help you choose the best flooring for your uneven spaces. They can assess the condition of the surface and recommend the best option for your specific needs and budget. Stop by one of our showrooms or schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment today. Stop by one of our showrooms or schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment today to get started.