Before Installation

Finish other projects

For proper installation, installers will need access to all areas being covered. So we’ll ask you to make sure other remodeling projects (such as drywalling, painting, plumbing, etc.) are complete. Please also clear any equipment from the area prior to your flooring installation date.

Move Furniture

Move Furniture

If your RiteRug sales contract states a specific charge for furniture moving, that means installers are planning to move common items like couches, chairs, tables, etc. But please note that installers can’t move or be responsible for large furniture items, like pianos, sleep number beds, pool tables, and grandfather clocks.

You’ll also need to:

  • Take apart and/or remove entertainment centers or particle-board furniture 
  • Strip and dismantle any beds in the installation area 
  • Remove breakable items, knicknacks, clothing, electronic equipment, TVs, and other valuable items 
  •  Empty any closets being resurfaced 
  • Clear your walls of art, curtains, and other wall hangings (so construction vibrations won’t knock them off the wall)
  • If you’re moving all furniture yourself, please make sure the entire installation area has been cleared of all furniture and wall hangings before we arrive.

Remove Appliances

Remove Appliances

Are there any appliances with direct water, gas, or electric hookups in the installation area? If so, you’ll need to disconnect these before we arrive. If you need help, please contact your RiteRug specialist. We can help you arrange to have a plumber assist with the removal of most appliances for an extra charge, paid directly to the plumber.

Rip Up & Haul Away Old Flooring

If your contract states a specific charge for “rip-up” and/or “haul away,” this means installers will be removing your old flooring for you at the start of our installation. But if you decide to do this yourself, please be sure your installation area has been completely stripped of the previous floor covering (including carpet pad and staples, if applicable) prior to installation day.

If you’re replacing carpet, leave the tack strips attached to the floor, but sweep the floor and make sure it’s clear of any debris.