During Installation

Access to the Space

It’s time for your new floor! Please be available the entire day of your scheduled flooring installation. We respect how busy you are, but the arrival time of the crew may vary based on a variety of circumstances, including the location, size, and specifications of the job.

We’ll do all we can to minimize disruption. But like any remodeling project, the flooring installation process can be noisy and dusty. Please plan for the fact that installation areas will not be usable. If you have children or pets, it might be a good day to spend with grandma or limit their access to unaffected areas of the house.

Room Temperature

Room Temperature

It’s important that the temperature in all installation areas be set to at least 70 degrees for the 24 hours prior to, and 24 hours after, installation. This warmer temperature helps acclimate your new flooring. If the temperature is below 70 degrees when we arrive, we cannot responsibly install your flooring, and you’ll need to reschedule installation.

Rip Up / Haul Away

Rip Up / Haul Away

If your contract states a specific charge for “rip-up” and/or “haul away,” installers will be removing your old flooring for you before installation. (If this isn’t part of your contract, please see Before Installation for a list of things you’ll need to prep in advance.)


Unless your sales contract states otherwise, all stairs are installed wall-to-wall and in “waterfall” style. (If you prefer another installation style, please make arrangements for custom steps and discuss any charges with your RiteRug sales professional prior to scheduling installation.) 

Note that bound runners generally require a second scheduled installation day.

Additional Work or Delays

Like any construction project, unforeseen issues may arise during the course of installation. We’ll bring these to your attention as soon as we become aware. 

If further work is needed, please understand that additional charges may be required to complete the installation. These charges are the customer’s responsibility. 

If we’re not able to contract for the necessary labor (for example, if structural issues are discovered), you’ll be responsible for hiring another contractor to perform that portion of the work before we can come back and complete your flooring installation. We may be able to refer you; contact your RiteRug specialist if you have any questions.