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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Flooring for Every Architectural Style


It's no exaggeration! The right flooring can turn your home into a style icon, creating a look so cohesive it'll make even your neighbors jealous. A major key to nailing it? Matching your flooring inside with your architectural style outside. 

Going for icon status? Here's the lowdown on picking the perfect floor for your architectural flavor:

Traditional Charm                

Landmark Maple Hardwood by Shaw

Product: Landmark Maple Hardwood, Shaw

If you're living in a colonial, Victorian, or Georgian beauty, hardwood is your trusty sidekick. Think shades of rich, natural brown or fiery red. Solid or engineered hardwood in classics like oak, maple, or cherry will make your home a timeless masterpiece.

Craftsman's Paradise

Sawmill Hickory Laminate by Mannington

Product: Sawmill Hickory Laminate, Mannington

Craftsman-style homes revel in the glory of natural wood. Oak or hickory hardwood flooring is your go-to here. It's like the perfect seasoning to complement details like exposed beams or built-in cabinetry. And don't forget, wood-look options like laminate and luxury vinyl can get the job done even on a tighter budget. 

Mediterranean Marvel

Mediterranean style herringbone flooring

Photo Credit: The Nordroom

Mediterranean vibes call for terra cotta or ceramic tile flooring. Picture large-format ceramic or porcelain tiles, dressed in breezy colors like serene blue or moody notes like forest green. Either way, your home will feel like an eternal vacation. No PTO tracking necessary.

Sleek Modernity

Product: Andover Dakworth, MSI

Modern architectural styles are all about clean lines and minimalism. Go for flooring that's just as chic. Think polished concrete, wide-planks, or expansive porcelain tiles in neutral hues like white, gray, or black. Crisp and cold hues are the perfect palette to make modern pop! 

Rustic Elegance    

Product: Barnwood Living Red Oak, Bruce

Rustic homes yearn for nature's finest. Wide-plank hardwood, reclaimed wood, or natural stone tiles in calming shades of brown or gray will give your space a rugged, yet refined touch. Think imperfectly perfect and you'll get it just right.

 Eclectic Vibes 

Photo credit: Country Living Magazine

Eclectic styles are a world of their own. Want more maximalist and less maniacal? The key is to match your flooring to the overall aesthetic. Mix and match, blend and bend to combine materials to make your unique space. 

And when in doubt, consult with one of our Flooring Experts! We'll guide you to the promised land of style. Swing by our store, or better yet, let us bring the floor showroom to your doorstep! We'll be ready when you are.