Step it Up!

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Step Up Your Floor and Paint Routine! 

Your Guide to Choreographing Flooring and Paint Colors Like a Pro


Coordinating floor and wall colors can feel like leading a first-time dancer through a complex tango routine, but fear not! There are a few trusty strategies to help you choreograph the perfect pas de deux.

Give it a Whirl!

  • Dance with Undertones: Always remember to match the rhythm of your floor's undertones with your paint's. Does the floor favor a warm beat? Opt for paint colors that match its groove. And if it sways to a cool rhythm, pick paint colors that mimic this jive.
  • Flow with neutrals: If your flooring is as adaptable as a Broadway dancer, like hardwood or tile, you're in luck! Such neutral dance partners can move effortlessly with a wide variety of paint colors. Go for a neutral paint shade that can keep up with your floor's groove.

Fresh, modern laundry room with light blue walls, stacked washer and dryer and light wood look vinyl plank floors

  • Swing with monochrome: Want to go bold without stepping on any toes? Consider the monochromatic mambo. This dance style employs different hues of a single color to create an eye-catching, unified look.
  • Cut a rug with complementary colors: Now, if you're feeling adventurous and want to go bold with your paint, invite a partner from the opposite side of the color wheel. This complementary color tango can lead to a balanced, vibrant look.
  • Mind the room's personality: Each room has a vibe, a style. When choosing your paint and flooring, opt for those that complement this character. Got a room that's as traditional as a classic waltz? Go for paint colors and flooring that match its sophisticated beat.

Living room with brown leather couch, medium beige carpeting and rustic modern furnishings

  • Audition the colors: Like every grand performance, always give your paint colors and flooring options a dress rehearsal in the room. Different lighting conditions can make colors perform like a graceful ballerina in one light and a break dancer in the next. So, remember to test them out before finalizing your choice.

Classic dining room with antique style furnishings and mid tone brown wood flooring

Ready to dance? Bring your top paint choice swatches into a RiteRug Flooring Showroom location today or schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment to see colors in your space! We're here to help make your home worthy of applause.