Say Hello to Yellow

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Move over traditional holiday hues… this season we’re dreaming of YELLOW! With so many shades and creative applications, you better get ready to GLOW! 

Posted 12/13/22

It’s the holiday season and you’d think we’d be all about reds and greens, right?! Well, maybe we’ve been overserved the eggnog, but… we’re color crushing on mustard, maize, and ochre! There’s just no denying it, shades of yellow are having a moment. So whichever hue is striking you, we’re here to help guide your way to saying hello to yellow!

We’ve rounded up a variety of ways to enjoy these shades - along with pairings for your flooring that won’t leave you with a home makeover hang-over!  

Just a splash 

It’s true that adding color in your home is a commitment. So, for some, just a garnishing will suffice, especially with tricky shades like those within the yellow family. This is where we recommend you try a high visibility ochre accent wall to whet your appetite.
Remember, color is most powerful when framed well, so be sure to choose a location in your home that has enough interest in dimension, shape, or materials to help the shade shine through. 
Kitchen with bright orange oven range, white tile backsplash, and ochre mustard painted wall with navy blue cabinets and red tile floors

Photo credit: The Spaces

Pair like a Pro: A deep hue like ochre loves bouncing off other rich tones. Think sapphire or tangerine for accents and pumpkin or copper shades for grounding. 

A-maize-ing hearth

Some say that the fireplace is the true heart of the home. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy this feature, we ask: why not set it aglow with the vibrancy of maize? It’ll shine just as beautifully as the fire you stoke, but all year round and from any angle! 

Dabble in the trend by infusing maize into the mantel alone or build drama by enhancing elements above and below! Luckily, when it comes to this gorgeous hue, there’s no wrong answer. 

Living room with maize yellow fireplace hearth, medium tone wide-plank wood floors, aztec style rug, vintage furnishings and arched window

Photo credit: House Beautiful

Pair like a Pro: Living rooms with this decorative element lend themselves best to mid or light tone wood or wood-look flooring. Go too dramatically dark and you may find your home giving off unwelcome bee vibes… and leaving you feeling stung.

Big kitchen energy

Fortune favors the bold when it comes to interior design and opting for color with kitchen cabinetry is more than case-and-point.  There’s just something deliciously gravitating about moody mid-century ochre or gooey honey mustard yellow to instigate a cooking frenzy in the kitchen. And like so few color companions, it still seems to somehow balance both stimulating and calming energy. It’s your coffee-meets-chamomile, so drink up!

Modern kitchen with dome pendant light, light blue plank wood floors, mustard mid century cabinets, blue countertop and colorblock area rug

Photo credit: One Interior Mag

Cozy farmhouse kitchen with wood wall, yellow cabinets, blue and white tile backsplash, apron-front white ceramic sink, light wood floors

Photo credit: Domino Mag

Pair like a Pro: These yellows are both thirsty for a palette cleansing. Go for jewel tones for accents and naturals for grounding. This means that mid to light flooring or wall features will help bring your room back to earth!

Saturation infatuation

If you’re like us and require no convincing that yellow is your new love language, allow us to further stoke the flame. What better way to profess your feelings than a striking focal flooring moment or fully saturating your doors, walls, and ceiling in color?  It’s our point-of-view that the sun-soaked glow just can’t be imitated and will leave a room warmer than any holiday throw could ever imagine. 

Yellow and white large square tile flooring with bright white walls and molding home interior with glass front french doors

Photo Credit: Estudio Moarqs

Modern living space with mustard ochre painted walls and ceilings, black dome pendant light, light wood wide plank flooring and lounge seats

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Pair like a Pro: Opting for a heavy dose of yellow in flooring or vertical surfaces can be both show-stopping and timeless. Neutralize busy-ness with crisp simplicity like white-on-white walls and trim or pale tone hard surface flooring.        

So, it’s time to pick that perfect palette and project! Then, stop by one of our showrooms or schedule an In-Home Shopping appointment – our Experts are always ready to glow!