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Worry-Free & Wise:

Your Guide to Sidestepping Common Flooring Mistakes


Flooring choices aren't merely about aesthetics; they are an investment that must blend seamlessly with your daily life, budget constraints, and the unique character of each room. Given this delicate balance, it's true... a lot can go wrong. But no worries! That's where our knowledgable RiteRug Flooring Experts come in.  

So, let's count down the most common flooring mistakes and missteps to ensure that your selections can stand the test of time and style.

Avoid Common Flooring Mistakes

1. NOT factoring in function:

To choose the right flooring, always begin with the room's purpose. Whether it's the bustling kitchen or the serene bedroom, your choice should align with the daily demands of the space.

2. NOT scrutinizing the subfloor:

Don't overlook the groundwork – literally. Ensure the subfloor is in optimal condition, addressing any leveling or moisture concerns, prior to installation.

3. NOT shedding the light:

Lighting can dramatically alter the look of your flooring. Take the time to observe how your chosen material interacts with both natural and artificial light within the intended space. Viewing samples in your home is easy with in-home shopping so don't skip this step.

Living room with brown luxury vinyl flooring, white couch and two story windows.

4. NOT checking the checkbook:

Flooring is an investment in your home's value and your quality of life. Prudent planning should take into consideration materials, installation and ongoing maintenance to keep your mind at ease.

5. NOT being mindful of maintenance:

Be realistic about the time and effort you're willing to invest in floor upkeep. Certain materials demand more attention than others, so choose accordingly.

Man cooking in a kitchen with light colored luxury vinyl flooirng, while another man plays with gorgeous dog.

6. NOT investigating installation:

Select an installation team with proven skill and experience. Consider your timeline and potential disruptions to your daily routine during this crucial phase.

7. NOT looking long-term: 

Flooring is a long-term investment. Think beyond immediate aesthetics and evaluate how well it will withstand the test of time in your home.

8. NOT worrying about warranties: 

Talk to your RiteRug Floorng Expert about your warranty and read the fine print. Understand what's covered, what's not, and the duration of coverage to make an informed decision. 

Heed these recommendations and you'll lay the foundation for floors that harmonize seamlessly with your lifestyle, budget, and design aesthetic. And we're here so you don't have to do it alone. Visit a showroom or schedule an in-home appointment today and a Flooring Expert from RiteRug Flooring can keep you worry-free and wise!